Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fire Wife: Valdosta Georgia

Valdosta, Georgia.  That’s where the boys are staying.  In hotels.  (My sister said they are acting like heli-slackers…. Staying in hotels instead of camping out.)  Hot said his crewmembers are a little squirrelly from the drive down so getting to work today will be good for them.

Valdosta.  Like Voldemort kind of… (we watched the latest Harry Potter movie the night before Hot left.)  Hot said they were wishing they had Hermione’s bag that has everything in it.  Hot also really likes Dobby… go figure.

So they got there about 18:00 last night (4:00pm our time) and checked out the fire camp…. Hot said it was pretty unorganized.  They don’t camp out in the south.  Something about chiggers or dengue fever or African sleeping sickness or something…..  They are staying in a town an hour away.  And they are working the night shift.  That is, in my opinion, kind of a waste of their talent…. But whatever. 

I just talked to him and they are headed out to check out the situation and will go on duty tonight at 19:00.  So day 1 of 14 is today…. Not that I’m counting.  So far we are doing a good job of “holding down the fort” at home.  We went swimming at the Broadwater last night with a buddy and Sweet had a sleepover with him.  Tuff cried “NOT FAIR” so she is promised something wonderful this weekend.  I will mow the lawn this weekend and probably drag out the sprinklers tonight if it doesn’t rain this afternoon.  Thursday night is pasta night so dinner is planned and baseball practice is cancelled for tomorrow night so the rest of this week is pretty smooth and the weekend has some fun plans in the works. 


Elle said...

How bad is this: I wish I would have known he was going . . . I would have come THERE while he was gone. I'd spoil your kids rotten and spend all day playing in the yard and pulling grass out of your peony bed. Then, I'd make you dinner so when you came home from work, you'd have a good meal and conversation and happy kids kissed by the sun.

That was bad. I'm sorry. Kind of.

Homestead said...

My first move upon his dispatch was to re-order the netflix movies.... I'll be watching season one of Big Love all weekend... so it kinda fits....