Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally. Bloomage.

An almost-done iris among the mess....  I got a bunch of iris (irie?) last spring from my aunt.... I wasn't ready for them so they just got plugged in randomly.... and are producing some delight this year.

What is this little blue guy?  Is he a weed?

Look.  Mystery flowers are starting to bloom.  Yellow.  Still a mystery.

This is the "youngling" pair of peonies.... looking kinda leggy and gangly and like maybe the dog had a nap in the shade... might have to support this poor guy before he starts blooming.

Remember the pretty delphinium?  The one I hid behind some chives for deer protection?  Yeah.... epic fail.

Ahhh.... the bleeding heart..... save under net.... I promise you tomorrow I will come back with a picture of the top (above the net) nipped off.  Deer.  Sigh.

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