Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Weekend in Review

So the weekend.  To document.

Friday afternoon found me doing the kid-juggle.  I ended up with the two big ones at my lab result doc appt.  (I'm fine, by the by, but I got a cortizone cream for the stress-induced rash I get on the back of my neck and a new epi-pen for the latex thing.)  Somehow Hot skated and got to go to the doctor alone... but then he had to pick up the littlest one so that was payback.  I went to Costco with the two bigs and was completely confused because I kept looking around for the baby.

I bought myself some glass-lock containers.  They were $30 plus $6 off with Costco coupon for an 18 piece set so it was a bit of a splurge.  (9 containers and 9 lids)  So far I love them.  I like clear containers in the fridge and I like glass for the microwave and I love the locking lids for work lunches.  I have some very pretty "french white" bowls with lids but they compost in the fridge when I can't see what is in them.

I can't even remember what movie we watched for movie night.

For those of you who know me off-line.... the Hot health saga continues but is improving.  He probably isn't dying of colon cancer... more likely it is an ulcer in his duodenum.  Prilosec rocks.  Although I really wanted a bottle of wine this weekend and he can't have alcohol so that sucks.

Saturday was a birthday party.  Great weather.  The kids played and played and I got to just veg out for a bit.  Lovely.

Saturday night I was up putting kids to bed and reading books.  Hot holler for me.  I came running thinking something was on fire.  A mouse.  By the couch.  Get the cat.  So Bugsy and I run around like cartoon characters tossing the cat at the mouse (confused cat) and planning to trap the mouse with a giant Costco-sized Wheat Thins box.  Meanwhile... Hot is still reclined in his chair.  I stop.  Look at him.  We both start laughing.  He didn't want to scare the mouse.  Uh-huh.  We finally give up and that damn Mickey sticks his head out, thumbs his nose, and takes off.  Hot found him in the bathroom cowering under the ironing board (who knew I even OWNED an ironing board??) and moved it so Chili could chomp him.  Here comes Hot, Chili held in front of him, in her mouth a very-much-alive mouse.  Don't drop it.  Don't drop it.  And out the door they go.  Last time she caught a mouse in the house she dropped it (still alive) in the dining room and I had to prop the door and use a piece of cardboard (interestingly, probably another Costco-sized Wheat Thins box) to bat it out the door like a star hockey goalie. 

I'm hoping this explains the mouse poop under the kitchen sink... but you know mice are rarely batchelors.

Sunday dawned gorgeous.  We decided to finally prime the porch posts and window frames.  FUN.  We also did the garage door frames.  And from now on, please refer to Hot as "roller-man" per his instructions.  Do NOT call him sponge bob.  Perhaps this weekend we will do the actual painting.  Please remind me to stay on top of this in the future.  They were looking incredibly white-trash.  I also elected to paint the kitchen window frame (it is paned) without tape.  (What?  It gets a better seal that way.)  So now the window looks "flocked" for Christmas.  I think I'll call it decor and not scrape it off. 

The car is finally vacuumed.  I love my little shop vac.  But the windows are awful.  Windows are an issue for me... in the car AND in the house.  Always filthy.  And I didn't deal with recycling OR take the pile of stuff to Good Sam's.  Maybe next weekend.

I also had to take the Dyson apart.  It smelled.  Awful.  I have no idea.  But it is better now.  And while I was at it I cleaned all the hair and dental floss out of the roller and belt.  Ew.

We went for a little fishing trip to the creek, had some snacks (Wheat Thins, of course), and then played football.  Bugsy grunts and smacks her hips so you put "flags" on her.  (Duct tape) Then she runs and giggles.  She will also growl if you say "set, hike" the right way.

We caught a little Brookie.  Hot asks what kind it is.  Tuff shouts, "TUNA" and we all fall down laughing.  That girl is FUNNY. 

I made a lovely ulcer-man dinner.  Chicken tenders & potatoes & corn.  Then we curled up and watched Ax-men on netflix.  Great weekend. 

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