Friday, September 03, 2010

Internet.... I'm going to post something that will make you hate me.....

I don't have a junk drawer.


I have no drawer dedicated to junk.

The flip-side of that is, possibly, all of my drawers are dedicated to junk?

It isn't that I don't have junk... I just don't have a drawer.

So, instead, I will list all of the things that should would and could go in a junk drawer and I'll tell you where I hide them instead.

1. Pens & Pencils & notepads. Notepad and pen in my bedside table. Notepad and pens in the armoire drawer where the computer lives. A few pencils and papers in the drawer with the phone book... but not much. A little wire basket in a flat cabinet with "homework stuff" like pencil sharpeners and erasers and scissors. This flat cabinet also houses some spare keys, stamps, address labels, sharpie markers hand sanitizers, tape, the emergency phone list and various bits of things that are important to my husband... like knives and notepads for work. Notepad and pens and scissors in the silverware drawer.... Ok, wait, what? Yes. This is where I make my grocery list and notes of things I might forget. A tiny little spiral bound notebook lives in this drawer and odd bits of info get jotted here.... random phone numbers, the price we paid for stove pellets, a recipe for chocolate cake in a cup... all in this notebook... right next to the can opener and the pizza cutter. Odd, I know, but it works.
2. Random laundry room items. There is a drawer in the laundry room specifically for "things that need to be fixed" and "next projects" for me. Every once in a while I rampage through this drawer and toss or glue everything. This drawer also contains projects I haven't completed yet... like the light switch that needs to be replaced upstairs and the paper to make wallpaper for the doll house and the alphabet cards I was going to put on the wall. There is also a little pink tub in this drawer that has, well, stuff.... little screws and broken bits. Interestingly, when I was putting out Easter decor this spring I found a thing that was missing a screw and, lo, the screw was in the pink tub... so it works.

3. Random socks. Top right drawer of my dresser. (It also contains a wrist brace from my fight with carpal tunnel.) These drawers are tiny. The left drawer has love notes & letters from my husband. The middle drawer has jewelry and a tape measure/notebook for when I feel the urge to punish myself by body measurement.
I keep a tub of lip balm in the cupboard with the dishes in it.... this is also where the advil/aleve lives and the vitamins.  And in the summer the allergy meds.

glue and sticky things, bottom drawer in the laundry room.

nail files, clippers, floss, bookmarks, the little drawer in the end table in the living room.

kid treasures, each has a red plastic shoe box for special odd and random treasures on a shelf in their room.

I'm trying so hard to simplify.  Sigh.  I don't think it is working.

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