Thursday, September 16, 2010

Confession Time

I lost my spark. 

I haven't done A SINGLE THING in the "spare" bedroom since the floors.  Nothing.  Na-da.  Zip.  Zilch. 

All the "decor" is piled in the laundry room.  Nothing on the walls.  No rug.   

We did put the trim back in.  And I vacuumed up some feathers from a hole in the duvet.

No ideas.  No inspiration.

I've lost the spark.

I no longer see possibilities....  I see.... nothing.


Christal said...

I understand the doldrums. But having just looked at the weather report, I'd say there are 2 options.

A) Just enjoy it empty because it's going to be raining (& let the kids play in the empty space). Think forts, board games, blankets & pillows spread out on all that lovely open floor.

B) I love lists. So, I say make a list (or if you want the kids to help … a poster) of what you need to do. Then each day try to cross one thing off the list. Notice I say “try” … that way if you just can’t get to it, you don’t worry about it.

Then when you do finish, enjoy. (And BTW don't beat yourself up because it's not done yet... your kids won't be young forever. Time with them & your hubby is more important. Along with your sanity.)

Just to make you feel better. Consider my position. We finally closed on the permanent 30 yr home loan; having moved into the unfinished "new" house in June... we still aren't finished or unpacked -- by the middle of SEPTEMBER!! 1) The closet rods aren't up in the master closet yet. 2) We're paying for Bresnan TV each month but haven't hooked the TV up to the box. 3) no trim upstairs on part of the floor (yes we have the wood just sitting in the garage) 4) The master bath is at the same stage of "not completed" it was in June. 5) I'm shopping for more work clothes at Crazy Mtn, Goodwill, & SA because it's getting colder & I still can't get to the boxes they say in big letters "Fall work clothes - KEEP in FRONT". Thank goodness my black wool winter coat is hanging on the back of the front passenger seat of the van (the one that we paid $1000 to fix ... and now the drivers' door won't close. And since it's going to be raining ... the inside will be wet wet wet... and full of critters trying to get out of the rain.)

Don't you feel better now?

Christal said...

Sorry for the typo ... it should be ... "that say" not they

Elle said...

I say you've lost your spark because the universe needs you to see negative space as positive energy. When you find your spark, something new and better will be on the horizon. Enjoy the emptiness for a while. Go outside while you still can . . . there are lots of winter weekends coming soon. You can hang pictures and piddle around with the furniture when you are stuck inside in subzero weather . . .