Tuesday, September 07, 2010

But then I get a 3-day weekend and I wish it was 4 days.

I think I got a lot done this weekend.

My mom was here Friday.  She took home a couple of boxes of stuff for my sis-in-law.  Breast pump.  Milk storage bottles.  Spare boobie pads.  Baby jammies. 

I took a moment to reflect.  That part of my life is over... the pumping part.  I won't miss the pump.  I will miss having tiny babies. 

I spent a good chunk of Saturday running errands with the kids.  We got a few gifts for Hot's birthday, bought caulk for the edge of the bathtub, got some jars at Ross.  Diddly stuff but good to have crossed off the never-ending list.  We had a lovely lunch at Burger King.  The kids played in the playland... even though it ooks me out.  And, also, note to self:  Fast food is expensive with three kids. 

I managed to watch 3 movies this weekend.  Shutter Island on Friday night while Hot was working late.  Then I started The Road and watched it in bits and pieces over the next 3 days.  Last night we hunkered down to mourn the end of the long weekend and watched, um, name escapes me.... Girard Butler and Jennifer Aniston and he's a bounty hunter and she's his ex-wife.  Yeah... The Bounty Hunter.  That's it.  Here's my assessment:  Shutter Island.  I would probably like the book better.  It was creepy in a good way.  But ***SPOILER ALERT*** I can't deal with movies where kids get murdered.... especially when their mother drowns them in a pond.  Then came The Road.... another upbeat movie.  Again with the mother abandoment issue... I just didn't need it.  So we added a little fluff to the weekend with The Bounty Hunter.... And can I say... with my addiction to decorator style.... I loved Aniston's character's apartment. 

Did a little more baking this weekend.  French toast muffins.  Ok but not great.  Definitely fun to bake with Tuff but not that tasty.  Not as good as the pumpkin-chocolate chip recipe and I think that one was healthier so we will stick with it for now.  Made bread dough to make pigs in a blanket.  Made beans and rice. 

Tuff says, "Let's make bacon bits."  "What?"  "You know.  What are those things called again that your mom made for you for breakfast when you were little?  Bacon bits?"  Oh.  "Biscuits."  So we made biscuits with honey.  Mom gave me her little honey jar.... it is shaped like a hive and has a little yellow honey dipper.  Love it. 

We played a lot of lincoln logs this weekend.  And tons of card games and board games.  Bugsy has a new fascination with the kitchen set so she played for several hours "camping" and "restaurant" with the big kids while I cleaned out their toy space a bit.  It will never be perfect but at least I got "like" with "like" and corralled most of the tiniest choking hazards in an applesauce jar.

I packed out quite a bit of kid clothing... this early move into fall is showing me how much they have grown.  I can honestly say their bedroom is as clean as it can be right now.  It looks good. 

I boxed up FIVE paper-boxes of clothes from my closet.  FIVE.  And it is still packed full.  But I got tired.  I need to work on the light situation in the closets before winter truly hits.  I have some rope lights and I was thinking of getting one of those "seen on tv" switches for it (We have that solution in the downstairs bedroom) but there is only one plug in and it just wouldn't work quite right.  I have some of those "pop" lights in there but they aren't great ones... maybe if I spring for better battery operated lights.  There is an overhead light over the "desk" between the two closets under the eaves but the light shines pretty much directly in the eyes of the one still in bed and not in the closet at all.

I put Bugsy's 18 month fall clothes in a rolling tub under her crib.  I hate that but it is what works right now.  I cleared out all of her small clothes and most summer stuff from the drawer in the bathroom. 

I cleaned the laundry room rug.

I poked around in the upstairs hall closet.  It needs to be emptied but I ran out of time this weekend.

Still need to do more work in the laundry room.  More work means.... toss more craft stuff.

Pulled blue tape from downstairs bedroom and tidied.  Hot has plans to put the trim back in today.  Still need a rug. 

I moved around some kitchen stuff.  Got rid of the baby bibs.  Put my coffee beans in a new glass jar.  Put the powdered milk and corn meal in canning jars.  Put the remaining plastic stuff in a drawer, donated most of the travel coffee cups and put the rest on a shelf.  I'm about one 9 inch spinny tray away from being organized in the kitchen... with room to spare.  All those boxes for donation are worth it.

How do you store your brown sugar?  I got a set of glass jars and one is tall... like for spaghetti.... should I put the brown sugar in it?  Will it get rock hard?  I have one of those little terracotta things to keep it soft... will it work?  Mmmm.  Brown Sugar.


Christal said...

1) Try a led light for the closet situation. I like rechargeable batteries for ours.
2) For the brown sugar, I have a nice set of canisters, but hardly use them. I keep a group of baking items (sugar, flour, nuts, coconut) in a danish sugar cookie tin from Costco. Then I just haul out the tin (which keeps it contained and pest free.)

Elle said...

Those little terra cotta things that you soak and put in brown sugar are a marketing gimmick. They are shit. Save your money. Love that you were so productive.

Homestead said...

The terra cotta thing works in the littler jar of brown sugar... the one I use for waffle topping. But.... so does a half a slice of bread. I put the brown sugar in the tall spaghetti-storage canister with a screw top.... we will see if it lasts.

I got a light set at Costco this weekend... we will see if I get it set up and working.....