Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rice Crispy Treats

Here's a tip.  Don't go to Costco the day before school starts.  Everybody within a 10-mile radius is in there buying peanutbutter and bread. 

I overheard a dad (with 3 or 4 kids around him) say to the mom, "Do they start school tomorrow?"

I beaned him with a box of rice crispy treats.

No.  Not really.

I did buy Sweet a box of pre-packaged rice crispy treats.  I thought it would be a delightful back-to-school treat and he's been begging for them every time we go.  Bonus... I had a coupon. 

He said, "Oh, mom, you are the best mom ever."  "Because I buy your rice crispy treats?"  "Yeah.... that and when you make fudge."

Love that boy.

Then he tried one.

Now what do I do with the remaining 53 treats?  You know "picky eater" took one bite and didn't like them.


Christal said...

Put 'em in the Halloween give out stash. (You know they last forever.)

Elle said...

I'm in the same boat w/ Christal. There's enough preservative in those suckers to last until NEXT Halloween. Provide them as a class snack. Or pawn them off on your day care lady . . .

kae said...

What time were you at Costco? The girls and I went too and I won't make that mistake twice.