Monday, September 20, 2010

Meal Planning

Slowly moving back into the world of being planned and organized for meals.

Tonight is taco night.
Tomorrow will be red beans and rice.
Wednesday I'm going to try some lasagna cupcake things.
Thursday will be leftovers.
Friday.... some sort of instant food.... maybe pizza rolls or burritos. 

One week down.  I like to plan for two weeks at a time but that's all I've got right now.....


Christal said...

It's either beef stew (with pot roast leftovers) or chicken with pasta at our house tonight depending on whether leftovers were eaten for lunch.

Our big weekend step forward was all of the piles of dirt in the front yard are now gently sloping from the house to the fence (still all dirt/no grass or plants) AND the mostly dead willows out fron were ripped out & are in the brush pile.

Yesterday I threw away or shifted / cleared enough out of the old garage to fit my motorcycle inside. The bummer was I did not find my martial arts gi w/belt ... so I am relegated to being the one in yoga pants & t-shirt at TKD. The instructor always gives me such a sad look. He is so organized.

I still have over 100 boxes to unpack/sort. Bah humbug. Instead I will procrastinate (and wonder if we can get reservations at Chico for my birthday next month.)

Congratulations to you on your birthday and award. May there be many more joyous occasions.

Homestead said...

Dirt moving is a good thing.

Interesting... I FOUND the box with martial arts gear in it this weekend.... what color belt would you like?? I have a few. The kids love the kicking target and they are using the forearm guards as casts to play doctor. Sigh.

Chico rates go down after the first of October... you TOTALLY should go.

Christal said...

Just noticed your reply comment. I ended up buying another belt. Went to "A Taste of the City" for Friday night dinner. Hubby went antelope hunting Sat w/his brother & brother's SIL/granddaughter. We now have antelope in the freezer. Deer & elk next hopefully. The Chico reservations got made, rustic cabin & dinner reservations -- but for 11/1, so I can leave work early to get there Monday, then have Tuesday off, but get back in time to vote. :-) The dirt piles in the back are now consolidated into one big monster pile in the back (too bad we have no little grandkids left -- it's be a great tonka truck route. Instead the 2 yr old boxer is playing king of the hill, running from one end of the yard to another and back to the top.)