Monday, September 20, 2010

This morning as I was leaving the house my husband yelled, "Don't be so hard on yourself.  You're good."

I had a great weekend but it ended with me washing a small load of laundry with a dark green scarf and destroying a few items and forgetting I had an award thingy at 2:00 today.  It's ok... I was wearing "good eyes" and a cute top and even the Governor was wearing jeans.

So the weekend.

Friday we had an office celebration lunch of Bullman's Pizza.  Yum.  And cupcakes.  Then off to get the kids.  We shopped our daycare lady's husband's garage sale.  Purchased two guns and a princess book. 

Then to Macy's for the traditional birthday week bra fitting.  I won't give you a size... let's just say for where I am right now in life there really is only one bra that works.... sigh.  So I bought two of them (they look like satellite dishes) and a fabulous Champion sports bra.  Because jumping jacks with Jillian is killing me.  Hot stopped on the way home and bought a bottle of wine for me.  The kids watched Pippi Longstocking for movie night. 
Saturday Hot worked.  I cleaned and made biscuits in the am.  Discovered three large yellow spots on the feather duvet on our bed....  I can't promise they are cat pee because I washed it before I saw them but I tossed the feather duvet in the trash anyway... it was fairly old and it is time for a new one.  I wormed the cats and dog.  The worm saga continues.  But putting a little butter on the pills is a great trick.  Tastes good and they slide right down.

Then we went to the gymnastic's place open house.  Fun was had.  Sweet got into it.  Tuff was the leader since she's been to camp there.  Bugsy wore a pink leo and leg warmers.  She loves the tumble trak.  Everyone was so good... so we went to McD's for lunch. 

Internet.... I must confess something.  I LIKE the caramel frappe at McDonalds.  Skewer me now.  Fake caramel taste and all.  Ew. 

Then home.  Decided to bail on rest time and invited the neighbor boys over instead.  They played Dinosaur Army for several hours.  They were nice to Tuff.  Bugsy ran and ran.... she would run to one fort just as they bailed out and headed for another... so she'd run over there.  Finally I helped her and she became The Skunkinator.  The evil enemy that tosses stink bombs from her endless diaper supply.  We made them run and squeal.  And she helped me clean all the garbage out of the van.

Also.... I believe everyone was peeing behind the barn... which is ok because that's the side the boys live on...

Then the boys had to go home and we got ready for dinner.  Dinner out at Macaroni Grill.  I had two glasses of wine.  TWO.  It was lovely.  The kids were adorable... even with no naps or quiet time.  Tuff, Bugsy and I split a lemon gelato. 

Then home for presents and a little more wine.  I got everything I could have wanted and more.

Sunday we put the kids in front of the tv for a short movie so we could sleep in.... you know how well that works.  So I took my fabulous cup of Costa Rican coffee (that my boss brought back from... Costa Rica) and went outside to pull grass out of the flower beds.  I got a lot done.  The kids mostly zoomed around with the new guns and caused mayhem.  We played a few rounds of King's Corner and the kids took solid naps.  I made cookies, did a little more yardwork and went to an open house down the road to snoop out the interior.... there were SIX neighbors there doing the same thing. 

Then off to dinner at some friends.  Our kids had a blast.  We got home before it was late and I discovered my laundry disaster.  Oops.  Did all that "prep for the week" stuff.... looking at schedules, putting money in school portrait envelopes, finding apples in the fridge for a math project this week.  Those kinds of things. 

It was a productive weekend.  Although I didn't finish cleaning the laundry room or deal with all the paperwork in the "office" corner.  And the spare room is still bare.  And I need to start bringing winter gear back in the house.  (Packed it all when I thought we were remodeling.)  But those are chores for next weekend.  

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