Monday, January 23, 2006

Veggie Tales

It’s not like I’m asking him to be the Jolly Green Giant.

I try to be a laid-back mama about food. I think (as will most things) it is important to know the rules and when & how to break them. I try to avoid anything that will stain his face an unnatural shade of orange or that has more than three ingredients I can’t pronounce. I try to avoid high-sodium prepackaged food. (But oh my, how I love me some cheese-n-broccoli soup…. Have you read the sodium content on that stuff???) I try to lead by example.

And I fail.

This is a child who will pick the green goldfish out of a rainbow fish pond. He picks out the green pastas in the special “wacky mac” I make for him.

He won’t even eat fruit. No grapes. No bananas. No applesauce. (Ok, in the name of fair disclosure, if I force-feed him the first bite of applesauce he will eat the rest but, always, the fight over the first bite.)

This is his veggie consumption:
Raw carrots. But usually I find the dog nawing on at least part of it long after mealtime is over.
Frozen corn. Sometimes.
Mama’s red sauce. I use this for everything. It’s basically cooked up tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, red bell peppers, carrots that I run through the blender. It’s spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, everything.
Fresh salsa.
Kim chi. But only the mild kind and not the chunks… just the juice.
Corn & carrots in chicken pot pie will sometimes sneak past his lips….
Sweet potato fries. (Especially if I use the Cajun seasoning.)
Popcorn. (I know. I know.)
Ketchup. (Hey the president says it is one…)

So I got a little advice from Mary P. on the subject. I like her plan but I’m facing some, uh, resistance from the other half of this parenting duo. So I have to wait until he’s gone for the weekend to implement Project Eat-a-Bean.

Until then I will continue to refer to popcorn as a vegetable and hide tiny slices of green beans under the cheese in the pizza.

How do you sneak veggies into the diet of your loved ones??


Maya Cassis said...

wow you have a job on your hands.

Mary P. said...

"Project Eat-a-Bean"! I love it!

Interestingly enough, like, it had absolutely NOTHING to do with our email conversaton, la,la,la,la...

...I just posted yesterday on "Eating Green, the Devious Way". Maybe one of the suggestions will be helpful.