Thursday, January 05, 2006

The hmm-hmmm update

After very careful inspection, I am pleased to report that Hot Stuff's hmm-hmmm is doing just fine. Oh, his leg is ok too.

NO STITCHES. Just a lot of irrigation and some super glue.... you think I'm kidding, don't you?

Much thanks to Ladybug for the term "manties" (man-panties) which still has me laughing.

Hot Stuff gave me a very animated explanation of everything that occurred.... I'd like to try to interpret some of his descriptions with words here, if I may....

"The knife was a little dull from cutting through that deer head so I really gave 'er the onion and...." (This means he really tried hard.... I don't know where this phrase came from but you've gotta try using it at the next family get-together.... )

"...then in my overzealousness ...." (Yes, he really uses words like "overzealousness" because the man has, like, eleventy-million college degrees & he's a big fat show-off.... And yes, I did ask if the knife stuck in like when you flick it at a tree stump. It did.)

"...I sort of stuck myself by my right knee..." (No where NEAR his hmm-hmmm.)

".... but the nurse (a man) was cool about it. He sort of held the gown out in front of him and let me take it so he didn't have to see my junk....." (Does this one require interpretation??)

So, people, let this be a lesson.... don't cut towards yourself.... ever.


mrtl said...

Glad to hear all's ok, and that Hot Stuff's junk/hmm-hmmm is intact.

Susan said...

Damn it you are so funny.

Get that man a Bloody Mary. And one for you, too! And one for me, while you're at it . . .

LadyBug said...

Thanks for the update. I think all of Blogworld will be able to rest peacefully tonight, knowing that Hot Stuff's hmm-hmmm is okay. :)

Oh, and I left this in the comments on the old post before I read this one, but here's the (very creepy) Manties link:

Oh, you oughta be getting some great Google hits now! Hee.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention where the knife came from.

LadyBug said...

I just re-read this and caught the "After very careful inspection..." part. Hee.

I'm sure Hot Stuff appreciated your, um, inspection.

Mary P. said...

Gee. Don't swing by for a week, and I miss all the excitement!

I had a friend in university who chopped his leg just above knee. With an axe. While out moose-hunting. Alone (because he was 19 and a fool). In northern Ontario. Before the days of cell phones.

He walked out five miles on a knee the doctor told him shouldn't have taken him five yards, but he's alive! His knee sure looks weird, though.