Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Like, Totally Awesome Dude

I just slipped into an 80's time warp.... complete with bleached, permed mall hair & jelly bracelets. JELLY BRACELETS??? Remember those? The Neanderthal pre-cousin to the yellow silicone LiveStrong bracelets.

I went to get my license plates renewed. The state of Montana is issuing new plates... AGAIN. The women (they are all women... why are they all women??) who work at the DMV all look like they just stepped out of "Pretty in Pink" or something. I saw boots with white fringe. I saw pale blue eyeshadow & frosty pink lipstick.

I think I'll go home and watch "Flashdance" now.....


LadyBug said...

What a feelin'!
[something, something] believing!
I can have it all
Now I'm dancin' for my [something...life, maybe?]

Hmm. Guess I just THOUGHT I knew that song.

Through Viridescent Eyes said...

Yay! What goes around comes around, isn't it just grand? I love the "Neanderthan pre-cousin" bit, I got a good laugh and a funny look from my roommate after reading that one. =-D

McSwain said...

That is SO strange! They look like that here too.