Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Escapee Update

They caught him…. Around 10:30 pm. He was holed up in a local motel. I didn’t shoot anyone, the police didn’t shoot anyone and we got to see Cheryl (the sheriff) on tv again. A less-than-dramatic ending, no? But a few funny things did come out of the situation….

Hot Stuff went to play poker in Montana City around 7:00 pm…. A well deserved break for the busy stay-at-home daddy, right? The host called me shortly after he left home and asked how much he was allowed to drink. Seriously. He called to ask. I told him the standard rule… he can have as much as he wants but don’t let him drive drunk and if he pees on any of my furniture I’ll kill him. (What… it’s a long way from our bedroom to the bathroom… what if he gets lost??) So around 11:00 I went to get him. (Remember this bit of info… it becomes important later in the story.)

We left on Friday to go to Great Falls to watch my sister compete for Miss Rodeo Montana. (I’m not kidding… could I make this up??) We came home on Sunday afternoon and Hot Stuff came storming into the house, in a panic, asking, “Where’s the Jeep? Somebody stole the Jeep. My BINOCULARS were in the Jeep.” Yes, he was more concerned about the binoculars than the Jeep and rightly so… they are worth more.

The binoculars were in the cupboard where they always are and, well, we all know where the Jeep was, don’t we…..


mrtl said...

At least he didn't pee on any furniture, right?

M&Co. said...

But did he pee on your furniture?

Homestead said...

Ah-ha! No, no peeing on furniture for Hot Stuff. He wasn't even drunk enough to snore but decided not to risk the drive home since we knew there were road-blocks everywhere looking for the fugitive.