Friday, June 10, 2005

Why is everything technical in my life going to shit?

I think the power steering belt in my car is loose. Add that to the list of things to get fixed.

My sewing machine is toast.

My camera is down. I think (hope) it is the battery. They are expensive but not as bad as a new camera. The lcd screen no longer lights up… just for a few minutes when the camera is fully charged and then it goes dark. Still takes pictures but it is darn hard to delete pictures on the camera when you can’t see the menu screens. I have a lot of projects counting on me getting my camera fixed because, of course, I want before and after pictures.

The coffee pot no longer has the “pause-n-serve” function. I discovered this today when I pulled the pot out to pour a quick cup for the guy-with-the-cute-ass as he was heading out the door.

The dishwasher leaves a strange foggy film on plastic containers and glassware.

The receiver for my stereo died… with smoke.

All (three) thermometers in our house have dead batteries.

The air conditioning in the Dodge is failing.

The lawn mower…. Don’t get me started on the lawn mower.

The electric cat litter box died. I am very sad about this.

The toy chainsaw (that I just bought) quit… but it may have taken a small flight off the porch.

It is like I have some strange electric current around me that makes all things mechanical just DIE when I am in the room.

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LadyBug said...

Poor thing. Bad electric karma is just...well, bad.