Thursday, June 02, 2005

I ALMOST have it....

Um. Ok. I need a flickr tutorial now. I keep trying to do “blog this” and it keeps making me re-register my blog and then I get trapped in an endless loop and I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she ate that shrinking mushroom.

And I need a linking tutorial. How do you do that thing where you type someone’s name and have it link to their site? And how do I make a link to another post on my site?


M&Co. said...

Those are all very good questions. As soon as you get it figured out, be sure and post the answers so I'll know and can get my own account.

And you have a very nice ass.

Homestead said...

m&co.- hee-hee.

I got flickr to work. You upload a photo and then click the blogthis button and it registers your blog (of course, it was pitching a hissy when I tried it and I ended up with my blog set up about 6 times but it eventually worked).

Now I need to work on the formatting of the pictures and figuring out the linking stuff....

LadyBug said...

I don't 'do' Flicker, so I'm no help there.

When I'm creating an entry for my blog, Tripod has a helpful little button I click (it looks like a chain) to add links. Does Blogger have one of those?
If not, then I'm absolutely no help at all, and I'd have been better off just keeping my mouth shut (or my fingers still, as it were).

Oh! Here's a helpful tip (it helps me, anyway). If you're wanting to add a link to one of your OWN entries, bring your blog up in another window. Click on the time you posted the entry (I just checked this out. If you hover over the time with your mouse, you'll see that it says, "permanent link.") When it brings up that entry on its own page, just copy and paste the URL from the address bar. It will link directly to that entry.
Okay. I just looked at the coding for one of my links on my blog. This is how it works there: (Surely it's not that different in Blogger.)

< a href="">link to your destructo-boy post< / a>

The URL goes in the quotes. The link description (i.e. the text you actually want to SEE) goes after the first ">".

I had to put spaces in the tag, so it would accept it as text, without actually linking it. But there should be NO spaces between the <>'s.

Let's see if it works:

link to your destructo-boy post

I have to run pick up the kids.

If none of this makes sense, email me.