Monday, June 06, 2005

Political commentary.... really.

I’ve made some serious sacrifices for parenthood. Like wearing a bathing suit to take Sweet Boy swimming….. do you have any idea what it takes (besides a shoehorn) for me to put that thing on? At least when I am wearing my black pants, stretchy t-shirt (untucked, of course) & artistic (I-still-have-style-and-flair) scarf I can pretend I’m fashionable, hip & sexy (and that I have a waist.)

I’m trying really hard to continue to be a good employee…. but it is pretty hard to fool people when you show up for work at least once a week wearing your slippers.

Here’s a story you will appreciate. In November I had a big budget meeting. I mean big. My two bosses, the governor, the gov’s budget director, the legislative fiscal analyst. We get done with the meeting and are walking out and I make a discovery. I’ve just attended a meeting with the highest officials in our state government with a dirty diaper in my briefcase…. Ah, politics….

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LadyBug said...

I'm sure all the politicians were so full of you-know-what, they couldn't even smell the odor coming from your briefcase.