Thursday, June 16, 2005

Power Player

Power Player
Originally uploaded by Homestead.
Please take note of the horrible, horrible RIGHT-HANDEDNESS of my child.

Also note the DYSON box behind him.... yes, we got an anniversary-mother'sday-father'sday-birthdays gift. It Rocks in Socks. There was a whole 'nother dog in that sexy clear canister when I was done. And it is turquoise and purple WITH SPARKLES. Can you imagine anything dreamier??


LadyBug said...


You so totally rock. Can I be your best friend?

That Dyson guy turns me on a little. I think it's the accent, maybe, but I find him quite charming.

Homestead said...

Any man with a vacuum is sexy.... especially one who can say "suction" so seductively.

While I am sure the thrill will wear off, right now we are in clean floor heaven. And it really does make my carpets look better.... fluffier but still pink in tone.

SierraBella said...

Now that I figured out what a Dyson is...
I go through vacuum cleaners awfully quickly due to pet fur.
Is it all they say?

M&Co. said...

I told the Husband that it'd have to vacuum by itself for what those things cost. Is it really that great?

Greenthumb said...

yes, but does it do hardwood floors?

Homestead said...

Sierrabella- I murdered a very nice $300 Hoover in less than 3 years. My aunt-the Dog Queen.... she has anywhere from 7-19 dogs at any given moment and most of them come in the house- is also the Queen of Clean and she swears by her Dyson "Animal" right now.... but we will see how LONG it lives.... She's had an Oreck & a Kirby in the past (can you tell money is no object to this woman?).

m&co.- I told my Hubby it would have to provide me with regular orgasms and cook me dinner for that price....

Greenie- Hardwood floors... in Redneckia? Right. I have flowered linoleum. FLOWERED. But it does have the option to turn off the beater bar and it sucks up all the granite sand we've been tracking in due to the rain and muddy yard.

Now I might have to go to and see if I got ripped off... nah, I think I'd rather just sit back and bask in the glittery purple & turquoise... What is UP with those colors together??

LadyBug said...

ALRIGHT, Homestead. That's enough with the teasing already. Glittery purple and turquoise?

We want a FULL FRONTAL pic of the Dyson. (Not the guy, the vacuum. Well, now, wait. Maybe the guy, too. Heck, if you can get BOTH in one pic, that'd be just swell.)