Friday, May 06, 2005

This one is for Greenie

Ok, I’m going to share a very special personal breakfast recipe with all of you.

Vanilla yogurt (I prefer Mountain High low-fat)
Fiber One cereal
Chocolate sauce

Mix & eat.

This recipe does several important things.

1. It helps with regularity. (A problem I and, apparently, many other bloggers suffer)
2. It makes your work-mates laugh. (Chocolate for breakfast and all…)
3. It gives a good and yummy chocolate fix.
4. It gives an all-important dairy fix.
5. Fiber One doubles as squirrel food.

See people, chocolate… it IS an important part of a healthy breakfast.


Greenthumb said...

LOL!!! I am honored to be among such fiber friendly folk. Chocolate Hershey's Syrup?

Homestead said...

Exactly like Hershey's syrup.