Thursday, May 19, 2005

A quick fairytale….

Magically, miraculously, a Fat Tire Ale appeared in my fridge. (Ok, 3 Coors Light also appeared but who cares about that?) I believe it was the beer fairy. I’m praying to the beer goddess that it happens again soon. I am going to plant a divine hops plant by the porch to entice the beer fairy to visit more often. Yeah beer!


Mamaramma said...

That brings back so many Montana memories for me! You know, you can't get Fat Tire just anywhere! Can't wait to get to Montana!

SierraBella said...

My hubby loves his Coors, but I always liked Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (I'm such a lightweight.)
Remember- it's always beer-thirty!

Amanda B. said...

You are funny. I've never heard of Fat Tire that like Old English?


Susie said...

I've never heard of Fat Tire either, but I do like the name.