Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Talking to Elle

Elle and I were having a phone conversation and she asked, "How much of what we talk about do you think to yourself... whoa.... I should blog that."

And I confess.... if I could live blog one of our phone conversations I would.

We are frickin' hilarious.

But usually by the time I get off the phone I can't remember what we talked about.  At all.

This conversation included me telling a story about some teenaged chipmunks playing chicken.... which... if I can remember it.... I will tell you later.  Truly a redneck story.

And the universal mommy lament about time, effort, reward and busy-ness. 

And money.  We often talk about money.  Which is a little odd because we are in very different places money-wise but we still have the same problems.

And meal planning.  And vet bills.  And family.  And being married to men who don't like chicken. 

And see... I can't even remember what we were talking about that had me laughing so hard the ear tooth fell in the grass. 

1 comment:

Elle said...

The conversation started like this:

Me: "I kind of kneed my husband in the nuts today . . . well, no, more like, he walked his nuts into my knee . . . . "