Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tequila Saturday Night

Apparently Tequila make me cook....

I won't lie.  I cleaned the pantry yesterday and found a bottle of tequila with just a tiny bit left in it.... so last night I made a margarita.  And then I made taco scoops for dinner.  And a potato casserole thing.  And potato soup in the crock pot.  (Yes.... I also found some almost-past-prime potatoes and onions in the pantry. 

And it was all lovely and meals are planned for at least a few days.  Musta been the tequila. 

At what age do you let kids start cooking?  I mean really cooking?  Last night Sweet was in charge of the scoops.... I browned the beef and chopped the cheese into big chunks but he used the salad shooter to shred the cheese and he lined up the scoops, filled them with meat & cheese, preheated the oven & put them in the oven.  I took them out. 

Then we played our favorite new game.  Cafeteria.  They get trays and line up and get food.  Scoops, apples & yogurt last night.  It was pretty fun.

All three kids were playing nicely.  I rounded the corner to grab a basket of laundry and found the girls, dressed in scarves & Great-grandma's high heels.  The big one had a nerf dart gun.  The little one had a flyswatter.  And they had their brother trapped in the wicker laundry hamper...

Welcome to my house.

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M&Co. said...

My BoyChild is a picky eater. So I recently told him that I was not a short order cook and if he didn't want to eat what we ate, he could fix himself something to eat. I thought it would motivate him to expand his foods a bit. Instead it has motivated him to learn to cook. He can make eggs, grill cheese, fry hamburgers or port chops and of course the ever present Mac & Chees. He just turned 10.