Friday, September 21, 2012

Brown Floors

In case you forgot about this stupid project......  While I am proud of myself for redoing the floors for $25 (we'll get to that later) instead of dropping thousands on carpet.... it was not a project for the faint of heart. 

Carpet out.  Check.
Tack strip removed.  Check.
Staples pulled.  Check.
Forget to fill screw holes.  Check.

 Pellet stove removed. Check.
Floors swept. Check.
Floors cleaned. Check.
Floors cleaned with nasty cleaner.  Check.

Thinking to self... WHY did the paint in with this odd color?  WHY?  I liked the "aged brown" look.
 Tape.  Check.
Brushes.  Check.
Rollers.  Check.

Begin process.  
Using Brownstone oil-based paint (leftover).  Remember how horrible it smells and how long it takes to dry.

 Here you can actually see everythign.... old brown paint, old reddish paint, primer & new oil brown paint.

At this point I realized I might not love the glossy brown paint.  It is just so... glossy.  And the dog hair clings to it.  Like.  Really.  So I got frustrated and started a new project.  The steamer is rusty.  See that?  So I primed with grey heat-proof paint.

Discovered I really hate glossy paint.  Went to Lowe's.  For $25 I got a gallon of not-glossy LATEX floor paint.  Same brand and color.  Mmmm.  Pretty.  Here are my kids wandering around the house like monkeys trying to stay off the new floor.

Old, New and New-new.

 Decided I like the steamer grey for now.

And then there is the hearth.  It is pink.  A new one is $350.  Do I splurge?  Do I live with it?  Do I spray paint it?  WTF?

It goes here.  Also.... still trying to find a cute tv console in my price range to store games.  Sigh.  Turns out I don't have a final-final picture.  Maybe later.


Elle said...

Oh my hell. I was tired when I logged in. Now, I'm really tired thinking about this project. But good job. You go girl. Power to the girlfriend.

Homestead said...

Um... still need to do the last bit of touch up under the stairs. Seriously. I need to open the can of paint, stir, use a foam brush to touch it up, close the paint can, toss the brush and put the paint can away. That's it. And I can't find the time to get it done. Sigh.

We are putting the stove back in tonight. And the guy is coming to hook it up and service it on Monday.