Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things From Pinterest I've actually done....

So everyone knows Pinterest has spawned Pinstrosity

And I love it.

But now I would like to know.... has anyone actually DONE anything on pinterest or do you just pin it and live creatively in a vicarious way?  

The Farmer's Trophy Wife has a board dedicated to it.  (Go ahead... just follow all of her boards... she's that good.)

I've tried a few things and I think I should be documenting it here.

First up.  Um, I didn't pin this because it seemed so insanely simple but anyway....

Scary Doll Hair Recovery. 

Step 1:  Meet my scary-haired child and her scary-haired doll.  Pause to admire my pink countertops.

Step 2:  Learn the backstory....  This scary-haired doll was actually my sister's doll when she was little.  Nice re-gift Grandma.

Step 3:  Start combing dolls hair with a brush that doesn't have those little ball things on the ends of the bristles.  I've heard a wig brush from Sally Hansen Beauty Supply works.  We used the amazing HAIR BEAN.  (No, not a paid consultant... just a satisfied customer.....) Ok... more backstory... I think my mom is offended by the state of hair at our house.  She bought us the bean as a "trial run" to "see if I should get one for your dad."  Then she showed up with hair serum samples.  Then she "accidentally" left her good Sephora brush at our house.  And then showed up with another one in a different style so each girl could have one as a "gift" from Grandma.  Ain't working.... we wear our hair gypsy-style here at the "Stead.

Step 4:  Continue brushing and spray a mixture of half downy and half water on dolly's head.  (I used the lavender stuff.... mmmm..... made the whole toy box smell good.)

Step 5:  Check brush to make sure dolly isn't getting bald.

Step 6:  Mmmmm...... smooth.  Mullet. 

Step 7:   Admire scary '80's mullet-headed dolly....

Step 8:  Take final picture with all products as is blogger protocol.

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Elle said...

Oh shoot, I totally wish I could claim credit for that. I've done that and didn't even get the idea from Pinterest. Our doll hair (well, when we had dolls) -- but I still do this with barbies - looks just as dreadful as Chuckie's girlfriend, there. And here's my secret weapon.

You sit in a chair at the salon right? Dip your head back into a sink. Right. Just fill the sink with warm water and downey and give her a swirlie. So much easier.

Miss you tons.