Thursday, August 02, 2012

One Last Thing

Via Elle

The last prank I pulled . . . . probably while playing Flip Cup with all the cousins during Family Vacation.  My sister and I were paired up but on opposite teams so we were "pouring" for each other.....  45 minutes of play later and we still hadn't had a full beer..... age and treachery my little cousins.... age and treachery.

Last person I kissed . . . .  Everybody gets kisses in the morning.  Hot, Sweet, Tuff, Bugsy....  not the dog.  The dog gets a treat.

Last vacation I took  . . . FAMILY VACATION!!!!  To celebrate Grandpa's upcoming 90th birthday.  It was a blast.... as only a redneck party can be.

Last album I downloaded . . . . I'm going to download Brave.  And maybe Kin.  But the last thing I downloaded was Seether.... The Country Song.

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