Friday, August 03, 2012

One Last Thing

Via Elle

The last gift I purchased . . . . wait... this is a repeat.....  although at this point I've added a little housewarming something for my sister.... but I haven't gifted it yet so I can't say.....

The last thing I cooked . . . burgers.  Delicious burgers.

The last text message I sent . . .  I confess.  I don't text.  But I did text a phone number for my sister-in-law (she's on the swather now) to the financial advisor.  Yes, that might be confusing. 

The last song I bought . . . Seether.  The Country Song. 

The last celebrity I saw . . .Oddly enough.... celebrities drive by my house all the time.  There is a slightly-famous yoga retreat at the end of our road.... so there you go.  But celebrities I have actually seen?  I got nothin'.

Last TV show I watched . . . Still the Olympics.  But I have also been watching Longmire online.  I love Craig Johnson.


M&Co. said...

You don't text? Even my 75 year old father sends and receives text messages.

Homestead said...

I don't text. Well.... I text Hot. But I don't have a text plan so it costs me every time I do it.

I just don't have anything that interesting to write....

Elle said...

it's not about interesting. if you texted, i would text you every morning just to say i miss you.

and for updates that require no response . . . for example, this afternoon, you would have received something like this. "i'm having surgery . . . trying not to panic and failing slightly miserably."