Thursday, August 02, 2012

My True Love.....

I got a comment on a past post.... I've edited out some identifying info...

 a new comment on your post "Day 12 . . . Photographic challenge. Photos of 1...":

Hello! My mother is taking care of my grandmother. My mom built the snowman by the dinosaur. She even went out 2 times a day to keep him looking fresh. I thought it very fitting that you titled the photo True Love because my mom truly loves snowmen! She builds them doing all sorts of things and will spend hours toting snow around in buckets to make the perfect snowman. I was tickled to see her snowman on your blog. :)

Dear Reader-

That photo is making the rounds on facebook.... at least among the Hi-Line people.  I do love the way the "It's A Small World" theme song plays in my life......

I stole the picture from the owner of the Wicks Trading Post.  Or here on facebook.

You can see the original post here.

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