Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meals Last Week and Next

Somehow last week fell apart on me.  I'm looking at the list of things I intended to make and I only hit it on one day and that was hot dogs. 


Let's just say we bought a case of ramen (robin noodle soup) at Costco and we ate enough that what remains fits in the cupboard. 

I made calzones last night.  Yum.

Tonight will be spaghetti... maybe even with fabulous homemade breadsticks. 

For next week:

Monday:  Meal in the Car... we have football at 7.  Probably noodles with white sauce and clementine oranges and blueberries.  Or this might be the night Tuff finally talks me into going to Hardy's for a chicken sandwich.
Tuesday:  Pizza at the school open house at 5:30.  Then football at 7.  And a cat vet appt at 3:45.  How AM I going to get the cat home, get the kids and do the open house?  A mystery.
Wednesday:  Beans & rice?
Thursday:  Fire roasted veggies and pasta
Friday:  Sandwiches
Saturday:   Something in the crock pot.  I'm hoping Elle's experiment with crock pot freezer meals works out and she posts some recipes by Sunday.
Sunday:  Birthday party in Belt.  I think. 

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