Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What's in YOUR wallet?

Klog has a post about what is in her purse right now. Cracked me up. So I decided to play. Right here. Right now. Wait. First let me say this: I used to not carry a purse at all. Or at least not much of one. It gave me a headache. But these days I’m carrying that purse/work/diaper bag combo… because I’m too lazy to carry an actual diaper bag (I have one in the car….) So here goes:

Wallet (small one…. So I can carry it in the pocket of my fleece if I’m just running into the video store or something.)
Check book
Plastic horse & Matchbox racecar (What do you play with in the checkout line? Oh, THAT’s when you people are reading magazine covers and learning that Britney had her baby…. I still don’t know what that kid’s name is… and I’m embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to find out what’s-her-name is having a kid with that annoying guy from Top Gun.)
Dino-crackers (I don’t usually have these in my purse… they go in the console of the car.)
Neutrogena nail enhancer (I love this stuff.)
Sometimes a daytimer
Cell phone
Baby wipes
Spare paci
Fold up fan (this is actually for my menopausal friend, but it comes in pretty handy sometimes…. Here on the frozen tundra things tend not to be air-conditioned… ever.)
Little pink zipper bag (lip gloss, spare car keys, ponytail holder, stamp cards (coffee & such), library reading list, phone list & my fishing license)
Medium orange zipper bag… these are the coolest mesh bags…. Got them at Target… they are a pencil holder set. (travel tissues, fold-up hair brush, travel lotion, travel hand sanitizer, tiny baggie of Advil/Tylenol/Excedrin, nail file, lip gloss, tampons, gum, breath mints, Shout wipes, tiny sewing kit, Immodium, decongestant, antacid, tiny sunscreen, moist wipes, bandaids, duct tape) Wow. That’s a lot of shit in a tiny bag.

Oh, and on the subject of diaper bags…. We have 4.

The car bag: In the trunk. Emergency stuff. It’s the bag we got free from the hospital.

The daycare bag: The daily stuff. Baggie of drugs (that sounds bad... better clarify... Deej's tylenol, advil, teething tablets, gas drops, benedryl, etc), swim trunks in summer, mittens/hat in winter, extra outfit, extra shoes, spare paci.

The swim bag: floaties, goggles, swim diapers, sunscreen in summer, lotion, body wash, regular diapers, towels, swim suit, change to “rent” a towel when we forget ours, plastic bag for wet stuff, membership card, jammies to put on after swimming.

The Patagonia bag: The best diaper bag from the Pata-guchi outlet in Dillon, MT. It is a narrow rectangle one-strap that goes across the body but not-really-a-messenger bag that goes everywhere. Three compartments and a sunglasses case/cell phone holder on the strap. It fits under the bleachers at football games, under the seat in an airplane, in the grandstands at a rodeo and I can pack a ton of stuff in it. Love it. And it is sexy enough for Hot Stuff to carry.


Susan said...

My husband now offically loves you, too, as you carry BOTH Immodium AND your fishing license with you in the little bag.

And I just want to know what's on the library reading list and what kind of lip gloss you've got there.

M&Co. said...

Can't go anywhere without your fishing license! Never know when the urge might strike you to go fish.

I'm with Susan. What's on that reading list and what kid of lip gloss do you have?

Candace said...

Wow, you DO have a lot of crap in your bag!

LadyBug said...

Ooh, I was gonna do one of these too! I left a partial list in kalki's comments, but was planning to do a full inventory (whenever I finally found the motivation).

Thanks for sharing yours!