Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Why does spell check try to change Hutterite to Uterine?

Because, trust me, I want to tell you about the (big-ass) Hutterite turkey my brother is bringing home but I'm not so excited to share with you about his uterine turkey.... nope. Not at all.

Knowing my brother (and the Hutterites,) chances are good the turkey is still gobbling today. Yup, I can see it now..... just pecking and pooping around in my brother's house..... making a pet out of itself..... if Brother reads this and emails me the turkey's name you know we will be having grilled cheese sandwiches for Thanksgiving.


Greenthumb said...

Happy Thanksgiving...even if it ended up being grilled cheese sammiches.

Mary P. said...

It could happen. My aunt, at the age of four, managed to make such friends with the twenty-pound turkey - on the way home from the grocery store - that she was heartbroken to discover they intended to EAT it!!!

(Did I mention that it was a twenty-pound plucked, deheaded and everything else frozen turkey??)