Friday, November 04, 2005

Sweet Boy's 2nd Halloween

He ditched the Pooh bear in favor of a Hot Wheels case when we got to Nana's house.

Things heard at our house this week:

From Sweet Boy, “Pun-kin.” (The daycarista musta taught him that one…. It sure surprised me when he said it.)

From Sweet Boy, “Apple.” Everything round and red is an apple. The button on the car seat. The tomato on the sign at the grocery store. Apples. He finds them in the strangest places… we are in Home Depot looking at cabinets and he is saying, over and over, “Apple. Apple.” I finally give him The Look and ask, “Where?” He points up… over my head… at the giant picture on the wall over the refrigerator section… a picture of apples.

From my father-in-law, seeing the sock fuzz between Sweet Boy’s toes, “Those are sprouts for a nice toe jam sandwich.”

Also from Sweet Boy, “Ewlcopter.” He has an ewlcopter toy. Harold the ewlcopter in his Thomas Train book. On his sweatshirt & his jammies. The whale on Nana’s shirt is an ewlcopter. The ceiling fan is an ewlcopter. How clever is that? The ceiling fan.


mrtl said...

The language is so cute at this age! ewlcopter is impressive!

Mary P. said...

It's so much fun when the language blossoms. I get excited each and every time it happens, no matter how many kids I see. The ceiling fan? You know just why he chose that word, and doesn't it make sense! Who couldn't love it?

One of my favourites with my son was "own-der-ine-gle". Try that one syllable at a time. Get it? "Motorcycle". And "vie-der-drux" - firetrucks!

My oldest girl? Streetlights were (age two and a half) "crystal trees", and lawn sprinklers were "droopy-ups".

My youngest (girl): socks were, at eighteen months or so, "gookums". Lord only knows why.

Love it, love it, love it.

Homestead said...

Hot Stuff wants me to tell you that it is not "Ewlcopter." It is ewlcot-ter. No "p" in there. I listened closely and I think he is right.

My brother had a language of his own and there are certain words still used today in my family. A himney is an airplane. A gully-gully is a special blanket (his was a plaid car blanket with fringe) and a dit-du is a sister.

I always think it will come in handy if one of us ever needs a secret word to let the others know it is really us..... Just like "Harriet the Spy."

Misfit Hausfrau said...

My daughter called airplanes "Adinni's", diapers were bo-bo's. She is almost three and I haven't corrected her when she calls water towers "Big Balloons."

Homestead said...

Hah! Boo-Boo's in our house are mama's fine milk-producing chestages.

My brother is 29 and he still calls airplanes himneys and sleeps with his gully-gully.... HEY, that explains a lot....