Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ebay, anyone?


I'm thinking of auctioning my brother off on Ebay.

Somebody make me an offer.

He's 29.

He's college-educated.

He cleans up pretty well.

He likes kids.

He's hilarious.

He can fix anything.

He has a good job in Cut Bank, Montana.

He likes horses.

I'll even throw in a clean sweatshirt to make him a real bargain.


M&Co. said...

If I were 15 years younger. And wasn't married. And didn't have these kids....

KGrams said...

What m&co said, only 10 years younger.

Mary P. said...

I'd take him now. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Bad, bad, bad.

But he wouldn't be for me, no, no, I'd be scooping him for my daughter. That's it. My daughter. Yes, indeed.


Anonymous said...


Greenthumb said...

I already know the answers to my inquiries so I'll mosey on.

He's cute though...good genes I 'spect.