Monday, October 03, 2005

Think Globally, Drink Locally.

Susan asked if we have Starbucks. Hey, we might not have indoor plumbing… but we have Starbucks. THREE of them last I counted…. In a town with a population of about 25,000. The only storefront you can see more often is, maybe, Verizon Wireless dealers. Seriously.

I love Starbucks but, on principle, try to avoid them…. At least in Helena. There are a couple very fabulous independent coffee places in town and I try to do the right thing and support local. (This is the “don’t shit in your own back yard” theory of Redneckology. I’ll drink Starbucks in any other town….)

If you are driving Hwy 12 stop at the little coffee shack by the “Knight’s Rest” motel. I’m not even going to comment on the “Knight’s Rest” but amazingly good coffee and they give you a little mini donut too…. Such a deal. And if you are downtown go to Fire Tower Coffee or Morning Light Coffee or Park Avenue Bakery… I’ll meet you there.


Susan said...

I would forsake the Bucks in a New York minute for really good local coffee.

In Oklahoma, you can get really good local beef, but not even mediocre local coffee. Or beer. No good local beer. God I miss Seattle.

And I love the 'Kight's Rest.'

Homestead said...

We actually have a local roaster that does nice beans too.

We have really good local beef too. ('Cause, you know, my dad's a part-time cattle rancher.)

And local beer. Oh we have fabulous local beer. Two local breweries in Helena and many more in other places around the state. But here's the real question... Can you get Fat Tire beer in Oklahoma?

Susan said...

LOOOVE Fat Tire beer, although I'm not sure we can get it here (we drink it when we're in NM, with my parents).

Wade does the beer buying, as OK has draconian laws that prevent ANYONE under 21 from entering the liquor store (including infants, because it is always possible you are buying the beer for them. So silly). Recenlty we've been drinking Anchor Steam Porter. Yummy.

What were we talking about?

McSwain said...

You know, I feel the same way about Starbucks. We have Java and Jazz here, which has been so successful that we can even buy their beans at the big grocery stores here. 15 years ago I used to sit at the counter and chat with the (really handsome) owners--two brothers.

M&Co. said...

You know there is a StarBucks in the Forbidden City in China now. Really!

Nobody special said...

Did you just say mini doughnut? I might have to take a road trip!

Great blog. :)

Leesa said...

No Starbucks around us unless we drive into Sandpoint, ID. We do try to visit the local little coffee huts too:)