Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm back... sorta.

Vacation was fabulous.

Lala says I'm the only person she knows who can call folding someone else's husband's underwear vacation. I have skills like that.

Sweet Boy loved the baby moose and taking off in the plane. The trip home was made ever-so-sweet courtesy of half a benadryl meltaway.... I'm sure the runny nose was all about teething and he didn't really NEED the benadryl but still.... a napping child makes for happy travel companions.

We went to "Pump It Up" in Colorado Springs. Been there? No, it isn't a workout place. It's full of inflatable toys. (Remind me to tell ya'll the story of googling "inflatable toys" at work while trying to find blow-up swimming pools in October to put drinks in to chill.....) Anyway. Once I got over my paranoia that the front desk guy worked a second job at Pediphiles-R-Us we had a really great time sliding on the big slide and racing around the bouncy-track like little road runners. I recommend it to all.

The down-part (besides leaving Lala & Little at the airport) was (yet again) failing in my mission to get "Mother of the Year." Yes, people, you will be seeing my real name on Parents Behaving Badly for.... wait for it.... LOCKING MY SON IN THE CAR.

Can you say "Oh my Fucking HELL" with me?

Fortunately, the Lala-husband unit was quick with the spare key and Sweet Boy was not buckled into the car seat. He actually got out of the car seat, crawled in the front seat, got his paci out of the diaper bag, and (after he got over his confusion) was playing with the steering wheel.... LOCKED IN THE CAR. I have never been so fucking horrified in my life. AND I had many family witnesses there.... so it has to go in the Christmas letter or someone will call me out on it.... I am just going to add a paypal button here for all of you who would like to donate to Sweet Boy's therapy fund. LOCKED IN THE CAR.


M&Co. said...

"Oh fucking hell!"

Welcome back! I've been trolling your site waiting to hear about your vacation.

mrtl said...

Welcome back!

I locked a baby kitty in the car once... at the vet... Fortunately there was a cop there with his K9, but his jimmie didn't work, so I had to pay a locksmith. Gah!

Stupid cat wouldn't put her paw on the door lock for me.

Kid locked in car = totally mortifying.

Mary P. said...

When my son was two, he was clambering around inside the car. This was harmless, right, because the driver door was open and I was standing right there, talking to a neighbour. Totally harmless!

Until he knocked the parking brake, the it started to roll backward down the sloped parking lot! Supermom leapt into the moving car and brought it to a halt a few yards away, but not without taking a few minutes off my life and popping a few more gray hairs...


Candace said...

Eh, I locked my son in the car at least twice, maybe more. No lasting damage.

I even lost him in a beer garden in Germany once.

He's totally fine now.


Susan said...

You're so funny. Glad you're back!

And I love the description of SB crawling into the front seat to get his paci, and then driving the car--with the paci in his mouth, I'm sure.

Where was your camera?

Homestead said...

m&co.- I know, ya'll were missing the potty-mouth mama in me.... It is in everyone... I just seem to express it so well. I think everyone needs a rousing "fucking hell" every once in a while, don't they?

mrtl- I asked for a slim jim for Christmas last year (still on my list)... but I'm sure there are regulations about taking those on the airplane. And it would have been locked in the car anyway..... argh. Sweet Boy almost hit the lock button twice... but no luck.

Mary P- I have a story about my brother doing that and my dad running up and trying to stop the pickup... by pushing on the back bumper.... oops.

misfit- The beer garden story is one of my favorites.... my day is coming....

susan- Why, my camera was locked in the car, of course.

LadyBug said...

Welcome back. I missed ya.

Glad you got Sweet Boy out safely.

(Sorry. Nothing clever or witty to say tonight. I believe my brain is very tired.)