Friday, October 07, 2005

Bye for now.

Dear Internet,

My mama is taking me on a big bird tomorrow. I am very excited. I get to sit on her lap the whole way. She's been away for work a few days and I'm very excited to spend some quality time with her. We are going to visit my Auntie Lala and her family. Her kids are Big, Middle & Little. Little & I plan to speak Taiwanese to each other and drive our trucks in the sand box.

I'm gonna smile really nice at the flight attendant and see if if she will sneak me unlimited amounts of apple juice and maybe a cookie or two.

Mama has threatened me with the sticky orange stuff if I be naughty. So I promise to be very, very good. She says she has some special treats for on the plane. I hope they are markers. I love markers. Or maybe a baby moose. I have a baby deer but I really need a baby moose. I'm going to wear my overalls and I need a baby moose to put in the front pocket.

Mama is packing for us now and I really need to go supervise.... otherwise she might forget my blue baseball cap. I need that.

Until next time....

Sweet Boy


M&Co. said...

Be careful with all that apple juice you know what it causes!

Susan said...

Sweet Boy, I will miss you so much! And your funny mama, too.

And I hope you got a moose. Ask your mama to take a picture of you with the moose in your pocket.

Have a great trip!

mrtl said...

Have a safe trip, sweet boy!

tee hee
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SierraBella said...

Have a wonderful time Sweet Boy and be real good for your mama!

Mary P. said...

Oh, have fun! Is this your first trip on a plane? I hope your mom gets you a window seat!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Weeeee! An airplane trip! What fun for little kiddies!!!!

KGrams said...

Have a great trip and I hope you get your baby moose.

LadyBug said...

I miss you and your Mama, Sweet Boy! Hope you're having fun!

(Hey my secret word has 'fly' in it! - fflyoqww)