Thursday, September 12, 2013

We are FINALLY getting into a Routine.... sort of....

In spite of the weather we have moved to "fall schedule" around here.

Sweet loves to be early to school so he can play with his buddies on the playground.  And it works for me because I can get to work earlier.

So it means we need to leave the house about 7:45 and be out the driveway by about 7:50.  This makes drop off around 8:00 and I'm to work before 8:15 as long as I'm not in charge of Bugsy and daycare....

Working backwards give us this schedule:

6:00  Alarm One
6:30  Alarm Two  I usually try to get up by 6:15 so I have a little dorking around time to unload the dishwasher, stare out the window, fold laundry, drink coffee.  If I know it is going to be a balls-to-the-walls morning (BTTWM) I set up the coffee maker on the timer the night before
6:45  The drop-dead latest I can be in the shower.  On a good day I also manage to slap a little tinted sunscreen on my face and some eyeliner. 
6:50-6:55  Rise-n-shine my little dumplings.  With daylight earlier this is easier.  I rarely have to threaten a half-cup of frozen marbles in the bed.  The kids like to bring their clothes in front of the pellet stove to get dressed once it gets cold.  I usually set the 5 minute timer for this or they just dork around.  I also try to be dressed before the dinger goes off and have breakfast on the counter.  Or we put a playlist on the ipod and they get a song per activity.
7:00  Breakfast.  I believe in breakfast.  I believe breakfast should have some protein and some fat so it lasts past 10:00am.  I've tried making a breakfast schedule.  I've tried "Monday Eggs" and "Tuesday Toast" kinds of things....  I struggle with it.  I've lowered my standards.  If my kids want chicken nuggets or pepperoni hot pockets for breakfast... well, ok.  Not perfect, but better than nothing.  During breakfast I try to get lunches packed and hair fixed.  Sometimes it works.  My 7-year-old likes a packed lunch and she likes to do it herself.  Sweet.
7:30  Everyone must be brushing their teeth by 7:30.  About now I start yelling instructions in groups of 3.  "Teeth-Waterbottle-Shoes" or "Snacks-Sweatshirts-Library Books" I try to shove my lunch/work/stuff in a bag and remember my cell phone.  Sometimes we sneak in some homework.... spelling words or reading.  My kids know if they start unpacking their backpack from the night before at this point I will not be happy.  They are so aware of it I don't even have to get mad....  It happens about once a week.

We have this by the door to remind us:

Backpack, Water Bottle, Lunch, Snack,
Homework, Hat, Mittens, Sweatshirt

Monday:  PE Shoes (JN)
Tuesday:  Library Books (JN)
Tuesday:  PE Shoes (DJ)
Wednesday:  Library Books (DJ)
Thursday:  PE Shoes (JN & DJ)
Friday:  Show-n-Tell (JN)
Friday:  Treat Shop

After School
Empty Backpack, Hang up Gear,
Put away Shoes, Snack, Homework,

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