Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Does anyone else do ipsy.com??

My sister got me a subscription for my birthday last year and it has been very entertaining.

This month I got fake eyelashes.  WTF? 

And a browbone highlighter.  I love browbone highlighter... I particularly love the one called arch'de triumph by Soap & Glory.  Target carried it and doesn't anymore.  We just got Ulta here so I bought one there on Saturday morning... and got one in my ipsy bag when I got home. 

My mom got me a Sephora Sun Safety Sampler this year after I oogled hers for years.  Pretty awesome.  You can see a good review of it over here

I like sunscreen.  I'm in search of the perfect high SPF tinted sunscreen.  I like Dr Brandt's.  The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream is ok.  The Garnier one made me a little greasy.  And I like Aveda tinted moisturizer.  Anyone have something else they love?  I was loving the spf moisturizer from Clinique but daytime moisture AND a bb cream seems like overkill.

I tend to be pretty low maintenance about makeup and skin care but I like to think of it more as classy & elegant & simple.  The Hepburn Approach if you will....

I love my clarisonic (a fantastic Mother's Day-Birthday-Easter gift from my mama).  I tend to use simple (read:  cheap) liquid cleansers with it. I used to buy masks and stuff... now I usually just use a pinch of baking soda.  Is that terrible? If I meet a goal here in the near future I'm getting myself some Josie Maran Face Cleaner Oil.

When I stop aging gracefully and decide to start fighting it I will be more diligent about using Boots #7 intense serum.  I might also try their BB cream.  Do they have a bb cream?  They do but it looks like the spf is only 15.

I've been playing around with bronzer and highlighter stuff every since I saw this post.

And I love, love, love Nars blush.... in orgasm.

And I've been wearing grey eyeliner since my mom got me my first one in 6th grade.  It was Jafra.  Who remember Jafra?  But sometimes I branch out to black or green or navy. 

I look great in a nice two-tone brown eyeshadow.  I can pull it off (as long as the lips are neutral) and I use a bit of brow highlight.  I also have learned to finish the look with some brown eyebrow pencil if I really want to look polished.  (Ok, right, not often)

I really, really want to be a mascara wearer.  It looks so nice.  I never wear it.  I smear it.  But I try.

Finish with a decent gloss on the lips.  Done. 

Or, the speed routine:  smear on bb cream, dash on a bit of blush, maybe a dash of bronzer in summer, eyeliner, brow highlight.  GO.  There's a lip gloss in the car, just GO. 


Christal said...

I remember Jafra. My makeup experience started with everything Clinque at 15 or 16. Mom wore it too. Full regime. I shifted to Lancome tinted sunscreen when I moved to Alaska so that's another decade plus. They stopped making the sunscreen I used. I tried everything trying to get something not too greasy, heavy or clay-like.

Now I use Rimmel eyeliner from Walgreens because it's so easy to put on. Black Kohl , brown, purple, green, blue and even their white have made it into my makeup bag. Foundation is DHC but it's heavy feeling. (I do LOVE LOVE LOVE their cleaners, toners, and olive oil moisturizers.) And DHC has a lipgloss sampler set I really like too. Eye shadow is all Larenim now too. Mascara is usually what comes in the Lancome gift bag. The rest is Larenim blush (I have 3 different colors I love).

Your speed routine sounds like mine, I sometimes even brush my hair on the way in to town when I'm in a hurry. (I pull it up into clip for my shower.) I can't get into the car without putting chapstick on because I put the Burt's Bees in the handle slot on the ashtray that never gets used since I don't smoke. (Just have to remember to drop it in my purse when summer rolls around.)

Homestead said...

I confess.... I can't actually remember the last time I brushed my hair.... sometimes if it feels tangly I run a wide-tooth comb thru it in the shower....

I really like Burt's Bees. I'm also fond of Pacifica stuff lately....