Saturday, September 07, 2013

Ripping DVDs and other techie sounding things......

I am often defeated by technology.  I have yet to get a smart phone.  I see the advantage of texting but I don't embrace it.  I have a netflix streaming subscription.  I watch Duck Dynasty online.  I send my husband reminder texts via 

Yes, I have accepted the fact that vhs tapes are dead.  I have discarded every vhs tape.  Let me emphasize the I in that..... just so you know my HUSBAND has not joined me in the modern world.  He has a box of tapes in the garage.  And, yes, I kept an old vcr in a plastic tub labeled "Old Electronics" for that just-in-case moment when he wants to watch "Far and Away" on vhs instead of netflix. 

So, after graduating from vhs to dvd (and even, gasp, sometimes BLUERAY!!) I'm beginning to wonder about digital versions of movies.  We have a few (Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jurassic Park 3-pack) digitally and the kids can watch them on the ipod, laptop or Kindle.  I have even been known to fork out a few bucks to rent one digitally from Amazon.

But when it comes down to it... we still haul along the portable dvd player and the case with all the dvd's.....  But I think that might change.  We have a Kindle Fire.  We have a newer ipod (touch) and an older ipod.   And I'm eyeballing the Nexus tablet pretty hard.  For long car trips (over 2 hours or so) I'm ok with embracing technology and watching a movie but it turns out my kids have moved beyond that and would rather read or play games.... electronically, of course.  So now I'm toying with the idea of ripping a few dvds to digital and going that route rather than the portable dvd....  one device, many uses.

Has anyone had success with this???

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