Friday, September 13, 2013


When you have two (or more) kids there are certain new rules you have to follow.

No one tells you this.

It's a secret club.  I think we are all afraid if we tell you the truth then you won't have more kids... and we will be alone in our misery.  Labor is like that.

Well here are some pointers on surviving with two kids or more:

1.  Once a week, have a "get dressed from the laundry basket" party.  Saves on folding.  Bonus points if it is the CLEAN laundry basket.

2.  Make pancakes.  I make a giant batch of pancakes and freeze them and tell myself it is to have delicious, wholesome, healthy hot breakfasts all week..... then we have pancakes for dinner three nights in a row.  My kids love Brinner.  I love bacon.  Win-win.

3.  Repetition is your friend. Taco Tuesday is a good thing.  We do a series of dinner items over and over.  Tacos, followed up by "tortilla pizzas".  Chicken tenders/rice.  Tapas (What do YOU call leftovers?).  Crockpot stuff.  Spaghetti (Hot makes it on Thursdays).  Noodles of any sort (with jarred white sauce or parmesan or homemade red sauce or just butter).  Do I love to cook interesting new meals?  Yes.  Do I know someday there will be a season for that?  Yes.  Do I accept the current phase is not that season?  Mostly. 

4.  Lower your standards.  All of them.  If the kitchen counter is free and clear of papers (even if it is only once a week) you are a winner.  Big Win. 

5.  Streamline everything.  And make lists.  Ok... that won't always help but streamlining and making lists is just fun.


Christal said...

Love this post. Passed it to another friend. She's got 6 kids and is having a bad week that was the tail end of a bad summer. Oh, and her father-in-law moved in and needs home health care. She needed a laugh.

Homestead said...

She doesn't need a laugh... she needs a drink. The big Costco sized bottle.....