Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Blogger Elle said...
What's wrong with those Kraft Pimento spread jars. My mom supplied me with a six-pack as a birthday present and I stinkin' love them. Between those and spaghetti jars, our glassware is well outfitted AND easily replaceable. I have a hodge-podge collection of glasses. I think there are 6 now. All mismatched. The only requirement is that they be some shade of blue. I love 'em. It's who I am. Mismatched and in varying shades of blue.
12:35 PM
Oh let me be clear....  I prefer mis-matched because it is easy to ID everyone's glass.

My mom finally broke all the glassware from Arby's (you know what I'm talking about... we had the entire Flintstone's collection....) and got lovely plain glasses... now she is spending all of her time trying to figure out how to designate them so we don't drink each other's booze-n-cokes and so we can each keep a water glass out all day....

I should photograph my current glassware collection.... just to make you laugh.....

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