Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission Organization: The Makeup Edition

Elle put down the makeup challenge during Clinique Bonus Week which isn't really fair.... Now.... I've been meaning to pick up a Clinique mascara for months and it was in the bonus so, logically, I dropped $42.50 on some fabulous moisturizer with sunscreen (spf 25) to get the bonus.  I know, that's called Homestead Logic.  You should be here when we do Homestead Math.  Anyway....  I was going for sunscreen but the sunscreen they have isn't a moisturizer.... like I'm going to do two steps.  And the tinted one did not match my neon red face.  So the sales lady nixed that option.  (Note:  Wasn't it nice of her to tell me?)

So here it is on the window ledge.  Two bags, a great lipgloss/lipstick thing, a compact with blush and two eyeshadows, a mascara, a moisturizer and a makeup remover.  You can also see the toothpaste (with fabulous binder clip) and the fact that I use a tiny glass jar (in the tin bucket) to corral things... yes, it is from some delicious cheese paste.  I confess to also using these jars for kid drinking glasses and a vase for daisies.

Then we move on to the makeup drawer.  I once swore by Aveda tinted moisturizer in sweet tea and I still like it but I moved on to some Sonia Kashuk stuff at Target for a while.  Then I had some serious work stuff that required the full face so I switched back to Bare Escentuals for work and tinted sunscreen for weekends.  I love sunscreen.  So that's my bare escentuals stuff in the tin on the bottom.  (It's a tin from a set of notecards but I like it.)  In the back there is the tinted moisturizer, some regular moisturizer, some nighttime moisturizer I'm using up and Boots Intense Serum which I like to think is keeping me young.  On the side is my noxema face scrubber (which I actual use mostly to make my sinuses feel good), the tooth pick thingy, pit stick, face wash and... hey.... why are there two pit sticks in there?  Huh.  I should use one up.  I'm still in search of the perfect organizers for this drawer.... the orange thing is part of a candy box from the most delicious candy in the world.  I love to repurpose and I love Le Chatelaine.  But I need more little organizers in this drawer.

On to the makeup bag.  One, two, three.... dump.  What have we here?  Eyebrow pencil/highlighter, green baby toothbrush that has been my eyebrow brush since the 6th grade, eyeliner sharpener, white pencil to color under nail tips, mascara brush for removing clumps, stray purple ponytail holder for Bugsy, pink solid purfume by Pacifica, tweezers, Mary Kay lip stuff, green eyeliner, grey eyeliner, eyelash curler, eyeshadow brushes, blush brush, more stray pony holders, and the most fabulous hair bands ever.

I confess to also having an old Sonia Kashuk "palette for brown eyes" kit that I stash at work.... it has a bit of cover up, some brown eyeshadow/liner, blush & an eyebrow pencil (and it once had lip gloss)... it works on those days I go into the office thinking I have no meetings and discover a lunch date on my calendar.  Target doesn't seem to carry it anymore but they have this which is sort of the same idea.

Oh... here's the Clinique compact.  I got pink.  And see that cute boy in the mirror.  He's wondering why I'm taking pictures of my makeup at 6:45 in the morning.

Bonus.  The rest of my purfume collection.  Velvet tuberose lotion from Bath & Body works... now discontinued.  And Thymes Olive Leaf.

There you have it.  What shall we tackle next?  Is it finally far enough into spring to tackle the inside of my coat closet?  Or should I aim for some other point of denial?  Or should we have two weeks of easy and take a look inside the daycare bag?

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