Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday Branding: I'm getting tired now

This has nothing to do with branding..... I just thought it was a nice shot of the house.

Also nothing to do with branding.... nice ride.

Mmmm.... grain truck.

Five left.  Five.  Got enough vaccine?

Generation One.  The Boss.

Again.... Due in September... WTF?

My brother.

Can you see that he singed off his eyelashes on the left side?  Oops... sucks to run the irons there, lefty.

The Boss came out to see what we were doing... think he's dressed warm enough???


M&Co. said...

Did I miss something? Is that YOU expecting or your sister?

Homestead said...

My sister. In the bright blue shirt. Not to be confused with my sister-in-law.... in the red shirt.

Or me.... I can't remember what I was wearing but I was running the camera so there aren't any pics of me. But I'm definitely not expecting!!!

We all look alike. Except my mom.... she's the one with the white hair.