Friday, April 15, 2011

Mission Organization: I'm in DENIAL

Here are all of the projects I SHOULD be listing as challenges instead of "Cord Management & Cable Clutter"  So be ready to see these challenges in coming weeks.

Number ONE:  Have I mentioned one of my least favorite parenting tasks?  Organizing and sorting the kid clothes.  Seriously.  This is our bathroom.  Bugsy keeps all of her clothes in a single giant drawer in here.  So I thought I'd make some space by taking out a shelf and giving her a little rod in the back..... it has looked like this for weeks now....
 Yup, a curtain rod is buried under all of that.... it was a good idea but the tension rod needs supports and, also, it is ugly.  Hmmm.  The three baskets below are jammie baskets.... I did clean those up after I took this photo.  Promise.

And then there is the chronic washer pile.  I have considered stacking the w/d JUST to eliminate this spot.  The laundry basket is ok.  But the swimming gear needs to go.  And the picture frames?!?!  WTF?

Ah.... and then there is the front closet.  This time of year is always hell for the closet.  Eleventy million pairs of snowpants, winter gear, spring gear, windbreakers, sunscreen, hats, sneakers, mittens, sandals, snowboots, mudboots....... we've used it ALL in the last two weeks.  Heavy sigh.  We built a snowman last Saturday.  I am debating washing and storing the true winter gear this weekend.  That will make is snow.

Just look at that shoe pile.  I love the truly organized bloggers who talk about needing three pairs of shoes per family member.  They don't live here.  We have snow boots, mud boots, cowboy boots, tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops, crocs, fire boots, danskos, hiking boots and water shoes.  Sigh.

These hooks are for the coats/jackets/sweaters/sweatshirts the kids are wearing regularly for the season.  You can see the insanity of spring.  Also... please note the white garbage bag.  Apparently Gunnar was trying to make a "nest" on the down comforter on the "guest" bed..... and caused a snowstorm.  It looked like a goose blew up.  Wow.

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