Tuesday, April 05, 2011

day 8. a picture of something you dislike.

Dislike.  Hm. 

I don't love radishes.  But I don't have a picture of them either.

I also don't like spider veins and all the strange skin things that happen in old age. 

I don't like how my cuticles look today and I definitely don't like how I look in peach.  (coral, yes, peach, no.)

Some things that I am really having a dislike about today.... my house.  Specifically the damn bathroom.  Here's a couple shots of the house before we moved in.  The photo doesn't do justice to the shade of peach we were dealing with:

Elle was here in the summer of 2005 and talked me into painting it purple.  We also painted the dryer and completed several other home improvement projects.

Since these pictures we have reorganized a bit.  The big shelf thingy is where the dresser was and the dresser is where the white upright thing is under the cabinet.  Both white floor cabinets are moved to the shed for now.

To categorize:
1.  Giant room.  Poorly organized and laid out.
2.  Ugly flooring.
3.  Tan tub/toilet.  Prefer white or slightly off white.
4.  Small tub. 
5.  Ugly hollywood lights by mirror.
6.  Old and cheap vanity.
7.  Dinged up and dated sink/counter.
8.  Really ugly ceiling fixtures.
9.  Ugly fake wood window and door trim.

Where to start?  Where to start?


Elle said...

we could paint again . . .
how about wainscotting? i have power tools and will travel --

Elle said...

I'm impressed that you let HOT hang his Montana shaped plaques in the bathroom. MOTH has a stack of those from years of job-awards. I don't want them hanging!!

Homestead said...

The joke was they were in the downstairs bathroom in the old house... made his buddies howl with laughter. I put them up in the bathroom when he was gone on a 14-day fire detail. He can see them from the throne. Makes me laugh.