Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cables and Clutter.....

Ok. Here we go.  Cables & Cords & Chargers & Remotes... oh my.

Here's what we are dealing with:

One Motorola (looks-like-a-playskool-phone) Barrage (mine)
One some other flip phone (Hot's personal)
One some other flip phone (Hot's work)
One laptop/remote
One old-school ipod
My camera/remote
Hot's camera
Flip video
TV with built-in dvd player
TV/DVD/VCR (3 remotes)
Portable DVD player/remote
A couple of cheap-o mp3 players
Print/scan/copy & a router
Electric toothbrush charger (what?  I was feeling a little insecure about not having enough devices...)

And so it starts..... we had one of those "valet charger" things on this shelf.  Decided I hated it.  Now it looks like this.... must work to hide phone cords. 

Chargers for cell phones (3) generally live in this drawer when not in use.

Laundry room/computer room?!?  Here's the printer.  Any thoughts on that clutter?

On the shelf up there... router.

Ok, the truth?  This is where the computer usually lives......

And then there is the tv..... yes, we do have a vcr.  Two, in fact.  Sweet often brings home videos from the school library.... sigh.  Here lives the ipod speakers... unless they are in the kids' room.  Also, yes, I realize the tv stand is pretty ugly... but it was about $89 and we needed it.  And, if you really want to feel sorry for us.... please note:  32" tv, no cable, no satellite, no Wii, no TIVO, no video games, no, um, what are those other things called?

The spare bedroom houses much....

tv/dvd combo......

Getting closer....

Bam.  Drawer-o-media.  The portable dvd player, the binder of kid movies (behind it is the "old" portable dvd player.... works ok if it doesn't get jostled) and under the dvd is the binder of grown up movies.  Oh my, that sounds more naughty than it is.  We also have a drawer of elk hunting movies.  I'm not kidding.

Scary stash in the armoire.....  The camera charger, ipod cables, etc, etc all live behind those innocent looking pottery pieces....

And the bottom drawer of the armoire.... puzzles and cables.  Now who says that combination doesn't make any sense?  Here lives the laptop sleeve, various dvd cleaners, some computer registration stuff and a box of randomness.... the lock for my laptop, the remote for the camera, some mini mp3 players, cases for cell phones long gone, the arm band thing for the ipod, the converter jobbie that takes pictures off the phone card and puts them on the computer, spare sd cards, flash drives.... you name it, I've stashed it in this little black box.

BONUS POINTS......  Here's my desk at work....  Isn't it nice? 

And here's the dirty little secret lurking behind those monitors.....

AH!  Now on to the make up bag......

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Elle said...

Many, many comments.

1. that's not that bad.
2. i LOVE that 'be brave' is your double whammy screen saver
3. i'm totally walking backwards, drunk, in your house . . . i don't know which way is up . . . that wall really threw me off.
4. innocent looking pottery. tee hee.