Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Well, I have pictures to go with this post, but "Hello" is giving me the big kiss-off. I'll try for pictures in the morning... until then....

We moved into this place in October so I have no idea what the flower beds have in store for me. I’m pleased to note tulips and daffodils and chives. I think those are chives. I would eat them with a nice baked potato but I already hosed them down with deer repellent. Next year I will yank some out and put them in a clay pot in my kitchen before I get jiggy with the deer spray. The dead-looking stalks are peonies…. These peonies have been there since before the previous owner and she was there 37 years…. Those are some old flowers.

My plans are pretty simple…. I’m going to dig in some border of some sort… probably pavers with gravel and/or weed barrier under them. Something I can put the wheel of the lawn mower on and not use the weed-eater. And something that won’t snag the blade of the snowplow. Then sink a few pots of mint in the front to further repel the deer. I might try to build a nice deer-barrier on the other side where the daisies and who-knows-what-else are growing…. Something creative with scrap metal… and put some of my more luscious-tasting plants under there. I have vast quantities of old donkey crap in a big pile out by the barn….. I know, not too appetizing but heavenly for gardeners.

Gardening… the slowest of the performing arts.


SierraBella said...

OMG we have the same deer troubles!
My hubby & I love to watch them, but the longer we live here the more damage we see. Last summer they actually knocked over the peach tree (which somehow survived.)
I love your ending remark "Gardening... the slowest of the performing arts."

Greenthumb said...

I thought that the comment about Gardening being the slowest of the performing arts was priceless. But in the same vein, it's also amazing how one day you'll look out the window and it's exploded over night.

I would love some of that donkey dung. You can keep the deer, just hand over the poop.