Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Crap, I really am a Redneck.

We watched “Blue Collar Comedy Rides Again” last night. I laughed. I admit it. I’m not such a fan of Jeff Foxworthy but Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White are hilarious. And who hasn’t wanted to say “Here’s your Sign” more than once?

So now I must make a list of things I will do to balance the Redneck in me.

1. Attend the symphony.
2. Enroll my child in Montessori.
3. Wear my fabulous print scarf.
4. Drink hi-end red wine or cosmopolitans.
5. Watch PBS.
6. Cook something with brie cheese & portabella mushrooms.


SierraBella said...

7. Attend the flea market and look for Larry the Cable Guy and his sister with all the moles.

I love the Blue Collar Comedy shows, although I'm always expecting to see Ron (Tater Salad) White pass out near the end.

Susie said...

Hi, Homestead. I'm so glad you visited me. I "lost" you. I couldn't remember where I'd seen you, and didn't remember "Homestead," just "Who Made This Mess" in Montana. I am a grossly over-educated Hillbillian. And I see that my girl, sierrabella the Hill William is here! I love those shows, too. Ron White is my favorite. I'll put you on my "favorites" list now (with Ron) so I don't lose you again:)