Friday, June 29, 2012

What it looks like now.....

Funny story about the pink rug.... so I tore out the old carpet and hauled in the brown rug I had carefully washed and spread on the porch to dry.... then I left for the weekend.  I came home Sunday night to a house that smelled.... awful.  Just awful.  Like, "we have to move" awful.

I had one little corner of carpet that was still intact so I tore it out hoping that was the problem.... in the process I stepped on the brown rug.  And realized.  It.  Was.  The.  Problem.

Hot has a theory. He thinks the neighbor's tom cat came over and sprayed it while it was on the porch.  I have no idea how I managed to carry it in the house without noticing.... although I did use a drag method and not actually hug it to my body... that's my excuse.  

So here it is.... carpet free and mostly scrubbed.

We have gone back and forth about refinishing vs carpet.  I don't know what to do.  Here's the challenge to refinishing... this strip of subfloor between the kitchen and 

Also... changed out the entertainment center.... Elle... this is what I am debating painting....

Ugly former entertainment center... worth spray painting?  Turn into kid kitchen?  Send to donation pile?

Keep it like this??


Elle said...

I like the dresser better. My gut says to go with something bold, like red or yellow, but they do a neutral over the top and light-sand it so that the color shows through. And swap the hardware out. Either something sleek and mod OR something funky and mismatched. If you go blue or green, I have the PERFECT knobs. I have a gazillion . . . come get them . . . say . . August 4th?

The littler one under the window . . . . what's that for? Does it really just hold a birdbath & a lamp? Ditch that, says me. It would be too expensive to get up into those nooks & crannies with spray paint, so I'd do a $5 oops can instead, but that's only if you MUST keep it. If you can part with it . . . or put it in the other little house, so I can use it as a nightstand when I'm there, then keep it . . .

Wow . . you ripped out al of the carpet. I love it when you do things like that. I'm sorry I missed it . . .

Is it sick that I find a wee-bit of comfort in knowing that you had a depressive episode and a turn of rage-slash-pity party fueled home remodeling? I did too.

Please, please don't make me do it again in August.

Homestead said...

I think the dresser is going back in the bathroom.

The one under the window is the OLD tv stand. It was a $79 bargain at Shopko at a time of great need and little cash.... before that the tv was on a microwave cart.... I shoved it in the cabin to get it off the porch but I think it is going to Good Sam's.... some college kid is going to be thrilled.

Which brings me back to.... what should I get for a tv stand????