Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Park Lake

On May 20th we went for a drive up to Park Lake.

Dude casts like his mother.  Actually..... I got a few pretty hot casts in with the old spin rod.  Enough to make my husband remember why he married me.  Ok.  That's not true... he married me for my fly casting.... but a nice spin cast is still a resume builder.

This one has some pretty good concentration.  And a rocking Barbie rod.

Chilling after lunch.  Fashion is goal one.

Speaking of casting like her mother..... I felt like someone should yell "fore" every time.  She has no hook.... just a lead sinker on her line.  Which, of course, means she scares the fish away wherever she goes..... but better than than hooking a casual bystander with every cast....

See that log behind her?  That became the potty chair log.  Ahh.... potty-training in the great outdoors.  One trip to the camper toilet (past some very scary red neck dogs) was enough.... she said she'd rather hold it.  So we made our own.  And, yes, she pooped.  Was that TMI?  I did what every good camper should do and covered it up....  So does everyone else live in mortal fear of dropping their sunglasses down a port-a-potty style outdoor toilet?  No?  Just me?  Ok then.

Team B:  Happy after lunch.  We had roast chicken breast and cheddar on bagels, veggie-chips, carrots, chocolate chip cookies and some Easter candy from the freezer.  Granola bars and pretzels for the drive home.

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