Friday, June 08, 2012

Memorial Day

So I've already shared our last trip to Fairmont.

We had planned to head to Chico and spend a day in the park but the weather was just COLD.  Snowy.  So on Thursday I called the hotel and snagged a room for two nights.  I did something called the FAMILY FUN PACKAGE and I recommend it.

We loaded up on junk food and snacks Friday night and got a tank of fuel.  I packed things up and piled it by the door.  I was, seriously, afraid to load the snack bag for fear of it freezing solid overnight.  Do you know what a mess a frozen juice box makes?  Uh-huh.  Hear me now.

We took our time Saturday morning.  Tidied the house, did some laundry, and finished some things that needed doing.  We got to Fairmont around 2 or so, checked in, and hit the pools.  In the snow.

Turns out some other folks had "get out of town" plans as well.... we ran into SARAH P.  Well.... I wouldn't have known but she recognized my kids.  So we sat in the play area and visited for a while.  I wish she lived in Helena because that girl is FUNNY.  Her husband thought we were weirdos.  He might be right.

Part of the family fun package is 4 1/2 day water slide passes.  So the kids took advantage... although the place was booked so they had to stand in line.  Not something my off-season traveling kids are really ok with but they made it work.

Fairmont has 2 hot pools and 2 warm pools... one each inside and out.  We took advantage.

I packed bagels, deli meat, cheese, tortillas, microwave mac-n-cheese, pizza roll ups, egg rolls, mozzarella sticks, hot dogs, soup, crackers & squeezy cheese, graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars, hot cocoa, wine, chips, apples, cantaloupe, carrot sticks, sugar peas & anything else that seemed microwave-safe or picnic-oriented.  

We never did get to picnic or play mini golf.  The weather was just too wet and cold.  But we had a fine time writing our names on crackers with squeezy-cheese and watching dual survivor during rest time.

I've determined that bringing food is the key.  The hotel encourages it and we just weren't up for driving into any of the surrounding towns for dinner.  We ate in the restaurant a few times but, honestly, the prices are significantly higher than last time (summer season maybe?) and the food is fine but not that great.  And who wants to put on real clothes when you can lounge in sweats and eat carrot sticks in front of the tv?

We almost ordered a movie one night but realized it was $12.95.  For a movie in a hotel.  When they have more than 5 channels on the regular tv.  We watched more dual survivor and everyone read their books for quiet time.

Bugsy fell asleep in the pool.  Don't worry... I was holding her.  She napped for a long time while we both turned into prunes.  Then while daddy & the big kids had quiet time we went on an adventure.  They have a play area with a play kitchen and things.  And we looked at the gift shop and sat by the big fireplace and looked at all the art displays in the hallway.  Nice to sneak in a little one-on-one.

The kids were in heaven to have daddy in a pool.  They did lots of "swimming lessons" and shark attacks and games and races.  All three kids have improved their confidence in the pool.  Me?  Still don't like to get my face wet.

We stopped at the fish hatchery on the way home and got home fairly early on Monday.  Unpacked in a clean-enough house (the advantage to having all Friday evening to pack and Saturday morning to tidy) and made some dinner and lounged.

Sweet loved the animals....

Wow.... who parted Bugsy's hair like that?

Tuff with two of the three little white goats.... they named them again.  Apple.  Uh-oh. and the third was a toss up.  I voted for Goatules or Goatini but I think they went with Goat.

Poolside.  Inside.  I had a few before that were even cuter but my camera lens was steamed up so they are foggy.... quality photographer am I.

Tuff giving Bug a swim lesson....

I hope the fashion police aren't around.....


Elle said...

I love goats.

And, I LOVE the picture of YOU!! It's amazing. Uh-MAZE-ing. Love it. You should post more pictures of yourself.

SarahP said...

I was so excited to meet you, and hope I didn't come off like a stalker!!! You are too cool - makes me wish I lived in Helena because I'm sorry, but our kids would be peeing outside together all the time.
My husband is the weird one.
And, yeah. Your kids are adorbs. Find me on facebook, lady!

Homestead said...

Elle- I'm always on the wrong side of the camera.....

SarahP.... ok.... I'm trying to find you on facebook.... where the H are you??

SarahP said...

Sarah Rau Peterson - but I just thought that I might be "unsearchable"!!! I'll fix that.