Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring might be here.

It might just actually finally be spring. 


We've been trying to do more THINGS AS A FAMILY here at the homestead.... so to document....

April 23:  Dinner at Pizza Hut with daddy to celebrate his last day of work (Turns out we should have been mourning...).  Then a play "Charlotte's Web" with Nana in "our" theater.  Then Little Dipper for ice cream.  (Ginger candy... yum.) 

May 1:  Daddy's treat.... popcorn and a movie at the big theater.... How to Train Your Dragon.

May 8-9:  To the farm. 

May 15-16:  An armed forces day parade, checking out the machines, then to the Holter for some live music (Tuff's favorite), checking out sculpture (Sweet's favorite), and free ice cream (Bugsy's favorite).  Daddy's darn job took him away on Saturday and twice on Sunday....  A bbq party/playdate on Saturday night... my chocolate chip cookies were a hit....  Sweet went with his buddy to jump on the trampoline and Tuff went to Nana's for a bit.  Sunday the neighbor boys came over to play squirt guns and we rode bikes and dug in the dirt and prepared the fairy homes. 

I love spring.  I feel so renewed and ready for anything.


Elle said...

I love that you are ready for anything. Could you please get ready to come pull yarrow out of my flower beds?

Homestead said...

One word: Roundup.